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Maintenance of sofa fabric

Regarding the maintenance of the sofa, there are a few tips below.
First, the armrests and seat cushions of the cloth sofa are easy to get dirty, so you can put sofa towels on them. Cloth sofas are easy to accumulate dust, so use a vacuum cleaner regularly
It is unavoidable to remove dust with other tools, but the brush head should not be close to the cloth, so as to avoid the dirt remaining on the cloth or hooking up the thread.
Second, the wear resistance of the cloth sofa is not as good as that of the leather sofa, so you should avoid sitting in the same seat all the time. If there is pilling, please use small scissors to remove
Third, when there are large dirty spots, firstly scrub with clean water. If the cloth surface is removable, remove it and clean it according to the instructions.
Fourth, when buying a new sofa, you can spray the cloth cleaning agent to prevent dirt or oil and water adsorption.
Fifth, the fabric sofa fabric is best to choose detachable, or make another sofa cover. Strictly follow the fabric requirements when washing
If it is not easy to wash, it can be sent to the dry cleaner for cleaning regularly. Some elastic covers should be iron-free, if ironed, iron the inside of the cover after taking into account the wear of the fabric.

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