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Custom Polyester Sofa Fabric Selection

The first step in making your custom polyester sofa fabric selection is to choose the type of material. Fabrics are available in many colors, textures, and designs. Some fabrics are more stain resistant than others. Choosing the right fabric depends on the lifestyle you lead and the type of use the sofa will get. With the wide variety of fabrics on the market, you're sure to find the perfect one for your home.
If you live in a home with children, a darker color may be the best choice. Fabrics with higher Martindale ratings are better for use in kids' rooms. If you have ample storage space, it's a good idea to choose plain, light-colored fabrics. These colors will hide spills better.
Another benefit of polyester is that it resists stains and fading better than other fabrics. This makes it a sound investment in your furniture. A polyester sofa will look as good in 10 years as it did the day you bought it. Another great thing about polyester is that it's non-allergenic. Many natural fabrics can cause allergies.
When you're looking for the perfect fabric for your custom polyester sofa, you'll find dozens of options on a fabric spec sheet. In general, the higher the durability rating, the better.

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