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What are the materials and features of the sofa?

1. Polypropylene sand release. Polypropylene sofa release mainly solves the existing problem of using viscose suede base cloth as a sofa release will cause problems.
It becomes the problem of environmental pollution, and it is easy to be stained with oil stains and other stains. And the utility model also solves the problem that the organizational structure of the existing sofa is not enough.
Firm, easy to deform and break, resulting in technical problems such as accidents.
2. Synthetic fiber sofa is released. The synthetic fiber sofa consists of several warp threads and weft threads, characterized in that the warp threads and
The weft thread is a synthetic fiber thread, and the warp thread and the weft thread cross each other at right angles. The synthetic fiber sofa has the advantages of light weight per unit area,
Strong wear resistance, will not cause environmental pollution, can prevent stains such as oil stains.

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