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As one of many materials, home fabric art can soften the space and enrich the color.

The application skills, application forms and classification of home furnishing fabrics in interior soft decoration design should be clarified
1. Harmony and unity of fabric color and theme style
Pay attention to the coordination of fabric color and theme style, and emphasize the harmony and unity of color and environment. When choosing home fabrics, people will start from the perspective of design style and match fabrics that conform to the artistic conception style, so that the home fabric materials will highlight the home cultural style. For example, in the Chinese-style home decoration, people often put the quilt with the word "Happy" in the wedding room to show the traditional Chinese culture. In the traditional Chinese wedding room design, people do not use Roman carved or European-style beds.
The following suggestions can be adopted for the matching of family fabric style: Chinese fabric design, to make the family fabric match the flower and wood furniture, create a classical flower and wood atmosphere, you can choose red or gold fabric. When choosing household fabric robes, you can choose the longevity pattern full of Chinese style. The rustic-style home design uses floral fabrics, and the fabric colors can be selected from low-grade flowers and fruits represented by spring bamboo shoots, such as prickly ash, prickly ash, etc.
People like luxurious decoration effects in European and American style home design. Therefore, when choosing home fabrics, you can choose fabrics based on blue and white, such as Versailles fabric in France, and you can choose high cyan colors such as gold, red, and purple as the main color of the fabric. Selecting points, lines, and surfaces as the main decorative elements of modern home style, such as squares or dots, are issues that should be paid attention to when selecting materials.

2. Adopt the method of coordinated comparison
In order to highlight the coordination and unity of home fabrics, it is recommended that when choosing fabrics, the colors of curtains, bedding and sofa fabrics should be unified, and the styles should be consistent. The curtains of English bedding are similar in color, and they can also be adjacent colors. It is not recommended to use the same color directly, as this will reduce the layering of the interior and make the interior appear messy.
In addition to the unification of home fabrics, attention should also be paid to the matching of home fabrics and wall colors. The wall color is required to match the home color, and the cool and warm color system should be matched according to the difference between the north and the south. In addition, when choosing home fabrics, it is recommended to use a small area of ​​color to create an overall highlight.
For example, pillows can be configured on fabric sofas, and the color of the fabric is very different from the color of the sofa. This makes these pillows the visual highlight of the entire sofa, attracting people's attention, and making the pillows the finishing touch.

3. Application of fabric assembly technology
The fast-matching home fabric environment is determined according to the user's requirements for the space environment. People have different color needs in different seasons. For example, in spring, summer, autumn and winter, you can choose white or light-colored home furnishing fabrics, or you can directly choose floral fabrics. The sofa cover can be replaced with gray or white linen yarn, and the pillow or pillow can be designed with large flower yarn in two layers, with a white curtain on the inside and a white floral curtain on the outside.
In this way, the home environment can be filled with the breath of spring. In summer, the bedding can be designed with sea blue and white fabrics to make the scene look fresh and natural, and more refreshing than summer.

The importance of home furnishings in the interior soft decoration design process is indispensable
1. Fully understand the materials and attributes of home fabric decoration
In the interior soft decoration design, the designer must master the materials and attributes of the furniture fabrics. Generally speaking, fiber is a common component in metal compounds and is a synthetic natural filamentous substance. Its special properties are as follows: artificial synthesis. Fiber is also often referred to as regenerated fiber, which is mainly made of materials containing natural fibers and chemically processed to finally form man-made fibers.
Natural fibers, which are mainly found in metals, including mineral fibers, animal fibers and plant fibers, can be directly obtained. Mineral fibers can be obtained from crocidolite and chrysotile. Animal fibers mainly exist in glandular secretions, such as silk and rabbit hair. Plant fibers can be obtained from leaves, stems, fruits, and seeds. Jute, flax, kapok, and cotton are also common. As long as you fully understand the materials and attributes of the furniture fabric decoration, you can make a reasonable design to ensure the final effect.
2. Profoundly appreciate the artistic atmosphere of home fabric art
Harmony is a state that designers must pursue in the design of home furnishing fabrics and interiors. It is necessary to ensure the harmony and unity of the overall design style, create a warm and comfortable living environment for the owners, and realize people's emotional comfort. In specific design work, designers need to grasp the owner’s interests, needs and other information, and then show their cultural spirit and ideological connotation through design, while adding more interest to the interior.
So as to realize the function of home furnishing interior soft decoration design. The pattern of the fabric soft decoration can be individually designed so that it can be adjusted according to seasonal changes, special occasions, the owner's mood and other factors, and the interior can be modified at any time, which is beneficial to the owner's physical and mental health. For example, in spring, elegant fabrics can be used to design, so that the interior can be integrated with the seasons, while in winter, warm-colored fabrics are needed to increase the warmth of the interior.

3. Strive to create a comfortable and warm indoor space
The special materials of home fabrics are deeply loved by consumers. As the most intimate material in indoor software, home fabrics play an important role in creating comfortable indoor spaces. Family fabrics have decorative functions, practical functions, and commonly used functions. Commonly used curtain products can play a role in keeping warm, shading, and adjusting the indoor living environment. It is also an important part of indoor soft decoration. By reasonably matching the shape and color of the curtains, a warm atmosphere can be created.
Many interior furnishing designers are accustomed to using home furnishing products to highlight the indoor theme space, including bedding, sofa supplies and so on. The material and shape are soft, and the changeability is strong. It is a versatile decorative material. Moreover, the average cost of household fabric products is low, and it can be widely used in various indoor soft decoration designs. Unlike expensive solid wood furniture, household fabric ornaments can be replaced at any time, so that the interior space can undergo rich changes and fully meet people's visual aesthetic needs.
The use of small decorative objects such as backrests and tablecloths can also change people's overall impression of the interior space, and make the originally hard materials soft, thereby creating a comfortable and warm atmosphere. The above functions and performance have made home fabrics increasingly important in modern interior soft decoration design, and even affected the overall level of interior soft decoration design.

4. Give full play to the psychological suggestion function of home fabric art
The application of home furnishing fabrics in interior soft furnishing design also has a certain psychological suggestion effect. This problem is first reflected in the application of color. Color is the earliest design element that acts on human vision, and different decorative colors give people different psychological hints. Home furnishing fabrics adopt a unified contrast design method, which can guide people's mood changes and play a certain role in mood regulation.
For example, the bedroom is a space that uses more furniture fabrics. In the process of choosing colors, you can create a quiet and peaceful indoor space by choosing elegant and warm colors, which will relax people and ensure the quality of sleep. Each color has its own specific psychological suggestion function, which can be matched with the color of the home fabric according to the specific indoor soft decoration design requirements.
In addition, the Chinese have a strong sense of family, and their dependence on the family is also high. Using home fabric products for interior decoration can give people a soft and warm psychological hint, which also helps to improve people's attractiveness and competitiveness to home fabrics.

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