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The home furnishing fabric industry is developing rapidly, with broad development space and good development potential

1. Development status
With the development of the times, people’s aesthetic concepts have changed. Under the new situation, individualization and fashion have become the hot spots that people pursue. When designing home fabrics, designers focus on integrating with international trends and design many fashions. Home fabric products, but lack of Chinese characteristics, are difficult to sustainably develop.
Integrating traditional Chinese culture into home fabric design is the innovative and inevitable way for its development. Ink element is an important cultural symbol in our country. Combining ink element and home fabric design to design home fabric products with the flavor of the times and fashion is a new idea that designers should pay attention to.

2. Design points
Home furnishing fabric design mainly meets consumers' home furnishing needs. In the design, we must first meet people's functional needs, pursue harmony and beauty, and meet people's aesthetic needs. In the design, the designer must decide the shape, color, specification, configuration location, etc. of the product according to the life needs and taste of the owner. Taking into account the coordination of home furnishing fabrics and the overall indoor environment, create a good indoor atmosphere and emphasize the interior decoration style.
The design of home fabrics needs to consider comprehensively to determine its overall style, including consumers' living habits, investment, space shape, size, etc. The fabric design of the bedroom is mainly simple and lively, and attention should be paid to the combination of colors. If the wallpaper is blue, pink, or lavender, the curtains and bedspread should be the same as the wallpaper.
If the wall that expresses the artistic atmosphere of the space is warm, the fabric can be small flowers, and the curtains are mainly large flowers. The design of living room fabrics should consider the coordination of hard decoration and soft decoration, the overall coordination and unity, the hard decoration should be unified with the square, and the hard decoration should reflect the green.

3. Features
Chinese ink paintings are rich in subject matter and have a wide range of classifications. According to the ink, it can be divided into pure ink and color ink. According to the content of the screen, it can be divided into flower and bird painting, landscape painting, figure painting, still life painting and so on. Technically, it can be divided into color painting, freehand painting, meticulous painting and so on. The characteristics of Chinese ink painting are firstly simple, usually a few simple brushes, which can express a rich state, especially freehand painting.
Secondly, using the weight and skill of water and ink, the picture has a sense of layering and color changes. The meticulous brushwork in ink painting is mainly realistic, but it is highly decorative, and the decorative effect is emphasized through the coordination of lines and colors. The importance of Chinese ink painting is not important, it is expressive, and it can fully show the emotional world of the creator's soul.

4. Value
Ink painting elements are used in home fabric design and have strong cultural, aesthetic and economic values. Ink painting is an important part of my country's traditional culture. When applied to design, it can better carry out cultural propaganda, which is conducive to the protection and innovative development of traditional culture.
Ink painting is a unique cultural beauty in our country, and its pursuit is not important. It is in line with our aesthetic pursuit of perfect integration of foreign objects and souls. Incorporating ink painting elements into the home fabric design reflects the traditional Chinese aesthetic value, and makes consumers feel more strongly attached to the nation. With the development of economy, the pursuit of economic value is the driving force for the development of design innovation. Applying ink painting elements to home fabric design, enriching product expressions, meeting people's aesthetic needs, and also having economic value.

The application of ink painting elements in home fabric design can mainly be expressed in terms of the following prices
1. Realm
Traditional Chinese ink painting pays attention to realm, and it is the most prominent form beauty of ink painting. Pursue artistic conception in ink painting, not the natural attributes of things, and the true visual image of things. Through black and white contrast, virtual and actual contrast, and density contrast, the vivid effect of ink painting is increased, and it reflects the connotation of aesthetic taste and spiritual culture.
In the home fabric design, it is necessary to fully study and utilize the artistic conception beauty of ink painting elements, try to be as simple as possible in the shape and color of the pattern, and describe the artistic conception with traditional ink painting, simplify the complexity, let people feel the simplified complexity, and let people feel the art. charm. Depth can resonate with consumers and designers.

2. Graphics
Ink and wash painting expresses rich forms, extracts and generalizes concrete objects, and presents abstract forms through basic modeling elements such as points, lines, and surfaces. The designer must use a modern way of structure in the home fabric design. As an element, the graphics in the ink need to be re-divided and combined, combining tradition and modernity to form a new form of expression. Flowers, birds, landscapes and other graphics in ink are often used in modern home fabric design. Designers need to reconstruct these graphics and form new combinations to give traditional elements a modern flavor.

3. Color
Ink is the raw material for ink creation, and water is added to the ink to meet the creator's demand for ink. For example, thick ink, light ink, dry ink, wet ink, and burnt ink. The important performance color of ink is ink color. Different ink colors form different gray levels, plus the creator’s blank, black, white and gray colors. Formed a rich visual effect.
In addition to the basic ink colors, traditional ink paintings also contain rich colors such as flower and bird paintings, mainly green and red. According to subjective emotional needs, the writer uses different colors in the creation of ink paintings, and is seldom affected by environmental colors, light source colors and inherent colors, and expresses colors more freely.

4. Technology
Among many technologies, China has traditional technologies. A bottle of ink is not only full of artistry, but also technical. In the design of modern home fabrics, designers should have a deep understanding of various techniques such as ink, blooming, skimming, etc., to stimulate design inspiration, apply to home fabric design, enrich the style of home fabric products, and meet people's needs.
Meticulous painting is very common among ink paintings. The creation of fine brushwork mainly adopts the blending technique, which uses light ink to dye light and shade and contrast the picture. With the changes of the times, people’s needs are becoming more and more diversified. Designers continue to innovate and create wrinkles. The appearance of various forms such as paper, salting, pioneering, and floating colors enriched the way of expression of design.

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