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How to decorate the interior of the car?

With cars of different styles and prices being put on the market one after another, more and more people have joined the car owners. At the same time, the car decoration industry has also stepped into people's lives. Nowadays, car decoration is the same as clothing. One of its main functions is to show self-awareness and individuality. The same car, through the owner's decoration, not only changes the appearance of the vehicle and increases the internal performance, but also gives the owner a personalized label. Therefore, more and more private car owners in Beijing are willing to spend money to decorate their cars.

  According to a domestic survey, 85% of car buyers have a demand for decorations. Buyers of mid-to-low-end models are willing to pay to make their cars unique, while owners of high-end private cars are more particular about car beauty. The current domestic popular car decoration mainly refers to the interior and exterior decoration and interior layout of the car. Among them, the layout of car accessories is mainly to purchase some car perfumes, car sundries bags, water cup holders, mobile phone holders and other all kinds of delicate small accessories to create a warm space for yourself. Generally speaking, car accessories pay more attention to humanized and fashionable design, and the decoration in the car does not need to change any settings and performance of the car, so it is particularly loved by private car owners in Beijing.
  How to decorate the decorations in the car?
  When decorating the interior of the car, in pursuit of fashion, is it possible to do whatever you want? While pursuing fashionable decoration, four principles should be followed to ensure a win-win situation for comfort, safety and fashion.
  1. Coordination: The color of the accessories must be coordinated with the color of the car. You can't blindly pursue high taste and high price, so as not to be self-defeating. For example, the interior of a light-colored car is equipped with dark seat covers and red carpets.
   2. Practical: According to the size of the space in the car, as much as possible to choose some small, beautiful and practical accessories that can fully reflect the personality of the owner, such as cup holders, perfume bottles, storage boxes, etc.
   3. Neat and tidy: The accessories in the car should be clean, hygienic, and orderly placed, giving people a relaxed and comfortable feeling.
  4 Safety: The decorations in the car must not hinder the safe driving of the driver or the safety of the occupants. For example, the hanging objects on the top of the car should not be too long, too large, or too heavy; the decorations on the rear windshield should not affect the reversing vision.
  5. Comfort: The color and texture of the accessories in the car should be in line with the owner's aesthetics, and the perfume should be fresh and not too strong.

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