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About Chenille Fabric

What is Chenille Fabric?
Chenille, also known as chenille, is a new type of fancy yarn. It uses two strands as the core thread, and twists the feather yarn (a thin textile made of cotton, wool, silk, etc.). It is mostly used to make clothes lining) sandwiched in the middle and spun. Therefore, it is also vividly called chenille yarn.
Generally there are chenille products such as sticky/nitrile, cotton/wash, sticky/cotton, nitrile/wash, sticky/wash.
What are the characteristics of chenille fabric?
Chenille yarn is widely used in the fields of home textiles (sofa releases, wall wallpapers, curtains, etc.) and knitted clothing because of its plump down, soft feel, thick fabric and light texture. Its characteristic is that the fibers are held On the plied core yarn, the shape is like a bottle brush, so the chenille has a soft hand and a very full appearance.
In addition, chenille can also be directly used as braiding thread, which has the characteristics of warmth retention, good drapability, good water absorption and good decorative effect.
How to maintain the chenille fabric?
In order to ensure that the comfort of the chenille fabric is not affected, it is best to choose the reverse side to wash. It is recommended not to use a washing machine to clean, it is better to choose hand washing.
The chenille fabric products can be placed in cold water, put in detergent, soak for ten minutes, and then gently rub and wash with your hands, avoiding too much force, which will cause damage to the chenille fabric.
Will chenille fabric generate static electricity?
Determined by the material of the chenille. Pure cotton chenille generally does not have static electricity, and polyester chenille will generate static electricity in a dry environment due to its poor hygroscopicity.

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