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What problems will be encountered during the use of polyester rough texture?

There are several potential problems that can be encountered when using polyester rough texture, including:
Poor adhesion: Polyester rough texture may not adhere properly to certain surfaces, which can cause it to peel or flake off.
Uneven texture: The texture of polyester rough texture may be uneven, resulting in an inconsistent appearance.
Yellowing: Over time, polyester rough texture can yellow or become discolored, especially if exposed to sunlight.

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Cracking: If the polyester rough texture is not applied properly or is exposed to extreme temperature changes, it may crack or split.
Fading: Polyester rough texture may fade or lose its color over time, particularly if it is exposed to direct sunlight.
Difficulty in cleaning: The rough texture of the polyester can make it difficult to clean, as dirt and debris can get stuck in the crevices.
Limited color choices: Polyester rough texture is typically only available in a limited range of colors, which may not be suitable for all projects.
It's important to carefully consider these potential issues before using polyester rough texture, and to follow proper application and maintenance guidelines to minimize the risk of problems occurring.

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